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Help! I Can't Keep Norway Rats Off My Orange County Property

January 15, 2022 - Rats

Norway rats are not something you should be worried about. This isn’t to say that Norway rats are not a serious problem inside homes, just that with a bit of knowledge, you should have no problem keeping them outside. If you are looking for how to get rid of Norway rats on your Orange County property, here are some things to consider today.

Common Questions About Rats

Before we talk about Norway rats, the most common rats in our area, we want to first answer some common questions people have about rats in general. Here are a few we have picked out today.

Can Rats Climb?

Most species of rats are able to climb to a certain degree. Norway rats are one of the larger home-invading rodents in our area and are less capable of getting onto homes (by climbing) than other species such as the roof rat.

What Attracts Rats To Homes?

Rats are drawn into homes by accessible food, water, and shelter. They find food in trash cans, on countertops, and in pantries. They find moisture in sinks and around leaky pipes. And they find shelter inside wall/ceiling voids, attics, basements, and in other secluded areas. The only downside to living indoors with humans is that rats have to live with humans. 

What Do Rats Hate?

There are few things that make rats uncomfortable. There are no real noises rats hate or smells that deter these pests effectively. Just consider, these pests are happy to live in sewers, are content to eat garbage, and love living in cramped environments. If anything makes these pests uncomfortable it is cleanliness and a lack of food, water, and sheltering opportunities.

How Long Does It Take For Rats To Have Babies? 

Rats are among the fastest reproducing rodents around the world. Norway rats, in particular, have a gestation period of 22 to 24 days and have an average of eight pups per litter. Considering that baby rats become sexually mature at two to three months, you can understand that it doesn't take long for a few rats to turn into lots of rats inside of a home.

Why Norway Rats Are So Common

There are three main reasons why Norway rats are the most common home-invading rats around the world. The first is that they don’t require much to breed in terms of food and water. The second reason is that they have a short reproductive cycle that allows them to breed rapidly. Finally, Norway rats thrive in cramped environments like the interior of homes and businesses.  In short, it doesn’t take long once these furry pests get indoors for them to produce a swarm of rats. 

How To Get Rid Of Norway Rats

If you are having trouble keeping city rats out of your Orange County home, what you need is professional rodent control. At Cura Termite & Pest Control, our rodent control starts with a thorough inspection of your home where one of our technicians will evaluate your living areas and property for these furry pests. If no problem is present, two options are available to you. The first is DIY prevention. The second more effective option is professional rodent control. If an infestation of rats is found, your best option to get rid of rats is to let our team help out. We use advanced rodent control methods and treatments to handle these annoying, dangerous, and destructive pests.

Contact our team today to learn more about our comprehensive service options and schedule your Orange County home and property for a thorough inspection. We will implement fast-working solutions and make sure no rats are left inside your living areas to cause trouble.