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Cura Termite and Pest Control specializes in pest control for Southern California, delivering effective pest control services to Southern California. We include services for a variety of different pests, specializing in termite & rodent control. Our residential and commercial pest control plans will keep your Southern California property safe from pests no matter what capacity is required. We are committed to providing safe and effective treatments to eliminate pests wherever you find them.

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Our Pest Control Process

Pest management services through Cura Termite & Pest Control follow a proven three-step process: Inspection, Treatment, and Follow-Up.

After you contact us for services, we will begin by performing a thorough inspection of your property to identify any current pests that may be present, as well as conducive conditions that could lead to infestations in the future. Next, we’ll take steps to treat the active infestation and mitigate the damage they’ve already caused. Finally, we’ll make regular return visits to ensure pests can never get a foothold on your property again!

Green Pest Control

What does it mean to go green in the world of pest control? For starters, it means never having to worry about treatments being unsafe for your family, your pets, or the environment. More importantly, it means protecting your property against destructive and irritating pests with the peace of mind that whatever treatments you receive do only what they’re intended to do - and nothing more!

The team at Cura Termite & Pest Control has taken great strides to develop every treatment we provide around the concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Total Coverage For A Variety Of Pests

ants on bread


More than just ruining outdoor picnics, ants can contaminate food and cause headaches in a number of ways. Worse, due to their numbers, they’re almost impossible to eradicate for homeowners working on their own. Luckily, the team at Cura has the tools and know-how to eliminate ant infestations of any shape and size.

bed bug on human skin

Bed Bugs

Once bed bugs get into your home, they can spread beyond just the bed, getting into furniture, clothing, and more. If the bed bugs themselves don’t keep you up at night, just the fact that they could still be lurking somewhere will. Cura offers comprehensive bed bug services built to eliminate the entire infestation at once, keeping it from returning.

cockroach on floor


Is there anything worse than a cockroach in the home? Yes: the thousands of bacteria and parasites they track inside with them. If roaches are becoming a concern for your property, it’s time to call for immediate assistance from Cura Termite & Pest Control.

two rats


When rodents invade, destruction and potential danger follows. They may be little, but their constant gnawing can create holes throughout vulnerable areas in your home, allowing in dirt, water, and even other pests. Rodent exclusion services from Cura are the perfect solution to eliminate any existing rodents while sealing your home against them for the future.

spider on arm


While spiders are a great asset in the wild, serving as a natural form of pest control, they make much better neighbors than roommates. If spiders have gotten inside your home, call Cura to not only identify the problem you’re dealing with but also eliminate it quickly and safely.

Termite on nest


No pest is more destructive and costly to homeowners than the termite. And since so much of the damage they leave behind takes place underground or within your walls, it can take months or even years before you realize you have a problem - leaving you with thousands of dollars in damages. Luckily, Cura Termite & Pest Control specializes in termite solutions that not only treat existing infestations but also create a chemical barrier around your home to protect it against any future infestations.

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No one knows southern California’s pests better than Cura. Pests never stop - so neither do we. Contact us today and find out why ongoing pest management from Cura is the perfect one-stop solution for pest problems today, tomorrow, and beyond. Whatever pests you’re up against, Cura Termite & Pest Control has the tools to eliminate them - for good!

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