Green Pest Control

Get rid of pests without destroying our environment.

Green Pest Control

Dealing with pests, while being aware of the impact on the environment, is something homeowners and businesses are aware of, and if you are seeking a pest control company who can balance the two, we have you covered. Many people inquire about green pest control, because of concerns about their kids, pests or other situations. Green pest control practices include:

  • Reduced use of pesticide
  • Use of least hazardous pesticide
  • Close monitoring of targeted pests
  • Use of baits over pesticide
  • Regular inspections for early pest issues

Integrated Pest Control

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) set forth standards to implement multiple strategies to manage pest damage with economical means, and with the least possible hazards to people, properties and the environment. These standards include habitat modifications, biological controls, cultural controls, mechanical controls and physical controls.

Ongoing Green Pest Control Maintenance Plans

Your home or business may experience different pests throughout the year. Ongoing maintenance can ensure they donโ€™t return.