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Problems Mice Bring To Your Orange County Home

December 15, 2021 - Rodents

Your home is your sanctuary and your place to relax, no uninvited guests are allowed. Unfortunately, rodents like mice and rats will break that rule and try and make your home theirs. They are almost impossible to keep away from any structure they can make their home, so you need to be on the lookout for any of their signs. Knowing how to spot these rodents is the first step to keeping them away.

Spotting The Rodents

Depending on your location and the condition of your home, you don’t only need to worry about mice coming into your Anaheim home, but rats as well. Some of the most common rodents that like to take shelter in the dark and cramped parts of your home are:

  • Deer Mice
  • House Mice
  • Norway Rats
  • Roof Rats

All of them are rodents and have similarities, but each also has its share of problems they can bring. Both deer mice and house mice are relatively small, coming in at 5-8 inches and 2-4 inches, respectively. Meanwhile, the roof rats are about 6-8 inches long with a similarly long tail, and Norway rats are 7-9 ½ inches long. The rats are easier to find because of their size and darker coloring, whereas the mice are rounder and have gray or light brown complexions.

The Damage They Bring

Though the mice are smaller and may seem less damaging, they are anything but. All of these invaders can cause similar amounts of damage. Part of the reason behind this is when you see one mouse or rat, there are surely many more that you can not see. They reproduce quickly, so a little bit of damage can soon turn into incredible destruction.

Whether they be in an attic, a basement, or behind your furniture, each of these rodents loves to chew and get their nests just right. You may start to notice them by the chewing marks and sounds that accompany them. They will chew on everything from insulation to clothing to wiring and piping as well. If given a chance, they will also make their way into your pantry and feast on your grains, seeds, nuts, fruit, or anything else they can get their hands on.

With such cramped conditions, these rodents will also begin to defecate and urinate everywhere they go. This causes additional damage that you may not have considered while also attracting other rodents to your home.

Putting You At Risk

Beyond just physical damage, rodents host a scary amount of diseases that they can transfer to you. Many carry salmonellosis in addition to tularemia, and the deer mice are also common carriers of Hantavirus. This disease, more known as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, can be transmitted through accidental contact with the mouse carcass, but it can also spread by breathing in the aerosolized urine of the rodent.

Mice and rats also carry other pests like fleas and ticks that can spread in your home, exposing your loved ones to danger even more. These additional pests, as well as just breathing in the air that has been contaminated by rodent feces and urine, can stir up worse problems. You can catch bacteria infections, allergies, asthma flare-ups, or even rat-bite fever. If you think your home may be host to rats or mice, before getting sick, call the experts to help you get rid of your unwanted guests. 

Call The Experts

You are supposed to feel safe in your Orange County home, which is why your good friends at Cura Termite & Pest Control can help. We have over 55 years of experience inspecting homes, finding signs of rodents and pests, and getting rid of them for you. The safest and most effective way to take care of them and prevent them from showing up in the future is to rely on our top-quality work. You can never go wrong with Cura Termite & Pest Control.