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Green Services In Southern California

Is Being Eco-Friendly Incompatible With Effective Pest Control In Southern California?

When thinking about pest control, many people think of the dangerous sprays and harmful chemicals once the norm for eradicating pests in homes and businesses. Because of this reputation, people think that effective pest control is incompatible with a green lifestyle; thankfully, that isn’t the case. As more and more people have become eco-conscious, more and more Cura Termite and Pest Control customers have wanted pest control that works without harming the environment.

Dealing with pests while being aware of the environmental impact has been something that Cura Termite and Pest Control has been balancing right from the start. We know that our customers want to rid their homes and businesses of pests while ensuring that their families, pets, and the environment remain safe and healthy. That’s why we are Los Angeles County, Orange County, and the Inland Empire’s green pest control service provider.

Green Services From Cura Termite and Pest Control

When you choose Cura Termite and Pest Control, we always begin our treatments with organic products. However, there is far more to green pest control than that. Our green pest control practices will eliminate pest threats through a holistic approach to pest control by:

  • Using integrated pest control methods that cause the least harm to people, properties, and the environment through standards that include habitat modification, biological controls, cultural controls, mechanical controls, and physical controls.
  • Performing regular inspections to identify pest issues early or before they begin.
  • Providing close monitoring of targeted pests.
  • Using baits before pesticides.
  • Using the least hazardous pesticides in the smallest amounts if pesticide use is necessary.

We Care About What You Care About

At Cura Termite and Pest Control, we know how important it is for our customers to live in a pest-free home and work in a pest-free business. We also know how important it is for those areas to be pest-free in a way that doesn’t cause further harm. Our green services will effectively eliminate pests while being gentle on the environment and safe for your children, pets, employees, and more. Contact us today to get started with our green pest control services.

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