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What Every Orange County Homeowner Should Do To Prevent Termites

February 28, 2022 - Termites

termite swarmers on the ground

While termites might not be a problem that you think much about in your daily life, they can become a huge problem if they invade your home. Termites in Orange County are some of the most invasive pests in the area, and they can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. If the infestation is allowed to continue for years, termites in Orange County can destroy entire buildings. Find out why termites are so destructive and get help with termite control in this guide.

What Do Termites In Orange County Look Like?

It can be difficult to identify termites right away as they are rather secretive pests that make their colonies inside of wooden structures or in the soil. You might not see termites until the infestation has been around for a long while, but it's still useful to know how to identify termites by what they look like.

Termites look differently depending on their position in the colony. The worker and soldier termites are a whitish color, and they rarely leave the nests. They also don't have wings. The termite swarmers, on the other hand, do occasionally fly away from the nest to reproduce. They are dark brown and do have wings.

What Do Termites Eat In Orange County?

One thing that many people don't realize is that termites can consume more than just wood. They can also eat things like plants, insulation, cardboard, fabric, and paper because they actually eat cellulose material found in wood, but it's found in many other items too. In nature, this allows them to break down decaying matter like trees and plants.

At first, termite damage might not seem like a lot, but they can chew on and consume wood and other structures 24/7. Over time, the damage can really add up.

How To Spot Termite Damage On Your Orange County Property

Along with knowing what termites look like, it's also important to know other signs of termites around your property. Unfortunately, many of these signs of termites don't show up until a good deal of damage has already occurred under the surface or in the walls. Overall, the best way to prevent termites is with annual termite inspections, but you should also look out for these signs:

  • Squeaking or buckling floorboards
  • Windows and doors fitting tightly in their frames
  • Finding termite "frass," which looks like tiny wooden pallets
  • Floors and ceiling that look almost "swollen" 
  • Seeing water-damaged wood, walls, or drywall but not being able to identify a source of water 
  • A smell that is similar to mold or mildew 

How Should Orange County Homeowners Check For Termites?

In order to keep your home safe from termite damage, the best thing to do is contact the pest control experts at Cura Termite & Pest Control. We offer termite control services in Orange County that will detect termite infestations right away and woodwork services to repair termite damage. Termites are extremely difficult to remove without help from the pros, so contact us today to learn more or request an inspection.

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