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Mission Viejo, CA Pest Control

Friendly Pest Control In Mission Viejo, CA

A conveniently located suburb of Irvine, Mission Viejo provides residents with a suburban feel and the advantage of plenty of amenities. The area is located near plenty of top-rated schools, diverse restaurants and coffee shops, and many outdoor activities, making it perfect for residents from all walks of life. Unfortunately, many pests love the bustling nature of the area, making pest control a necessary investment.

Orange County pest control provided by Cura Termite and Pest Control is the key to keeping your Mission Viejo home or business safe from the many problems that pests bring. We will keep pests out, and the dangers they bring will stay far away from your property. Trust in us, our friendly customer service, and our team’s knowledge in all things related to pest control to keep you safe from insects and rodents.

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Residential Pest Control In Mission Viejo

Pests invading your Mission Viejo home can result in many dangerous issues, such as the spread of disease, bites, allergic reactions, food contamination, and property destruction. Mission Viejo residents want to avoid these problems and protect their loved ones, which is where our Cura Termite and Pest Control team comes in. We will work with you closely to ensure that all of your pest problems are taken care of and that your residence is safeguarded against pests no matter what.

Each of our residential pest control plans starts with inspecting your property and discussing your pest control needs. We only use organic products during our treatments and work to eliminate conditions that encourage pest problems, increasing your chances of long-term pest control success.

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Commercial Pest Control In Mission Viejo

Protecting your commercial property from pests isn’t something to be looked over, but with all the stress of keeping your business running, you may be overwhelmed by this task. For effective commercial pest control that you can rely on, trust Cura Termite and Pest Control to take this task off your shoulders.

Our team knows how important it is to keep your Mission Viejo business safe from all pest invaders. We start each of our commercial pest control plans with a full inspection of your property so that we can best understand your pest control needs. From there, we use a combination of methods and interior and exterior treatments to protect your commercial property from pests.

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The Trouble With House Spiders Left Untreated In Mission Viejo

Sightings of spiders in Mission Viejo can give you the creeps and leave you paranoid about whether or not this eight-legged pest is running wild around your property. Fortunately, most types of spiders in Mission Viejo won’t harm you, but that doesn’t mean an untreated infestation of house spiders can’t cause issues.

Untreated infestations of house spiders can lead to infestations of hungry pests that want to catch these spiders, such as scorpions. Just because most common house spiders won’t deliver a dangerous bite doesn’t mean their bites aren’t painful and cause allergic reactions. Additionally, many individuals don’t want spiders running wild around their property because they are frightening pests to encounter.

For help treating any infestation of spiders in Mission Viejo and reclaiming your property from this pest, contact Cura Termite and Pest Control. Our team will work with you to carefully eliminate all traces of spiders, protecting you from potential bites and a daily life filled with stress.

Help! Termites in Mission Viejo Are Destroying My Home

Termites destroying your home is a nightmare, and you’re probably wondering what to do once you see signs of termite damage on your property. Your first step is to contact Cura Termite and Pest Control for expert termite control and the complete removal of this pest from your property before serious issues such as structural collapse occur. 

Additionally, you can follow these termite prevention tips to make sure future infestations of termites don’t happen:

  • Seal cracks around windows, doors, and your home’s foundation to ensure that termites stay outside.
  • Reduce soil-to-wood contact around your home's foundation to make it more difficult for termites to invade.
  • Address leaks and moisture issues that lead to humid conditions or the water-damaged wood that termites love to infest on your property.
  • Remove outdoor termite harborage areas such as long grasses, overgrown foliage, fallen debris, and woodpiles or tree stumps.

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